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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

17 1/4 POUNDS!

FLD Gus, with an attitude!
FLD Gus, my puppy-with-an-attitude, was a charmer at the vet today.  It was time for his second round of puppy shots and I took him to my vet because I delayed too long in scheduling an appointment at  the vet clinic at Leader Dogs for the Blind.

Gus pranced right in, no hesitations.  Weighed in at 17 and 1/4 pounds!  Yikes!  He tolerated his shots and while we waited for the results from his stool sample (negative), he fell fast asleep on the examination table.  

"You've got a great puppy," Dr. Hamilton said.  "Nice shiny fur, calm and relaxed demeanor.  And handsome, too."

I'm not sure what got into FLD Gus today.


  1. Isn't it wonderful when puppies have those moments of greatness. Charlie is finally showing signs of maturing and having more and more of those moments. Gus just needs to grow into his big personality and then everything will be perfect.

  2. Thanks, Mary! Yes, Gus will be a baby for awhile yet. He had another one of those moments this morning at breakfast in a restaurant--first time he "settled" quickly. You are right--it IS wonderful.

    (I think that FLD Mike spoiled me, just a little!)

  3. Ooops, I misspelled your name, MARTY! Sorry.