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Sunday, May 12, 2013


FLD Dutch wishes his mom, Indy, a very happy day!

Dear Mom,

I know you're probably worried about me, but I'm doing fine! I miss you, but most of the time I'm having too much fun to be sad about not seeing you. My puppy-raiser makes training a BLAST and she takes me all kinds of places. Just last week we went hunting for morel mushrooms (can you believe it?) And then we went to see our 2nd-graders and this time we walked with them to a greenhouse. I loved smelling all the flowers, but they wouldn't let me plant a marigold for you like the other kids did for their mothers.

Thank you for giving me such a good start in life, Mom. My raiser tells me all the time that I'm going to have a very important job to do one day. I'm trying real hard to make you proud!

love and licks, Dutch

FLD Dutch at work with his 2nd-graders.

Guster-buster rocket pup!

Cc'd Gus wants to make sure we wish his mom, Sienna, a very happy Mother's Day, too! As you can see, he is in his glory in our north woods, and still running to me like a shot.

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