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Monday, March 25, 2013

A sweet day at Surline Elementary

The second-graders in Mrs. Matthews' class thought that FLD Dutch had grown quite a bit since our last visit at the end of January. One little girl said, "It's scary!"

I can't say I disagree.

When Dutch and I attended puppy-training class at Leader Dogs for the Blind at the beginning of the year, he weighed in at 34 pounds. At class again this weekend, Dutch tipped the old-fashioned dial scale at 46.5 pounds. His growth rate is slowing down, but still...

Here is FLD Dutch at Surline Elementary on January 30. We practiced something I taught him at home--"under." The kids thought it was cute when he crawled under one of their tiny, low-to-the-ground chairs. 

And here is FLD Dutch at Surline on March 21. The kids were impressed that he remembered how to go "under" the big chair. He would have trouble getting under the tiny chairs now!

FLD Dutch and I came to Surline to accompany Mrs. Matthews' class on a field trip to the Colonial Village Bakery in downtown West Branch. It was a half-mile walk from the school.

What's that snow on the ground, you ask, on this second day of spring?  Dutch says, It's Michigan!

FLD Dutch and I paused at the curb. Keeping a good distance from the second-graders helped him keep focused on walking with a loose leash.

We piled into the small, delicious smelling bakery. I handed Dutch's leash to Lance so I could take a group photo. FLD Dutch did not cooperate.

With no customers to worry about, I secured Dutch's leash to a post by the front counter. I didn't want to take him in back with the bakery-action; I wanted to take some photos for the article I hoped to write for our local paper.

Baker Jim demonstrates rolling out dough.

I managed a few shots before I heard a resounding BARK!

FLD Dutch peers through the donut case, wondering why I left him out front.

While the class learned how to make almond danish, I went back out front to take photos of Dutch.

FLD Dutch was ready to be taken off his tether. (Can you see my reflection in the case?"

FLD Dutch holds a nice "sit" so I can take his picture.

Before we left to return to the school, the baker offered free donuts to all the kids. Unbelievably, he gave them a choice of plain or powdered sugar. What do you think all but one wanted?

Back in class, the second-graders ran to the mirror to check out their powdered sugar faces!

(And yes, I took some donuts home too...cinnamon and sugar.)

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