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Friday, May 3, 2013

Take time to...

A closeup shot of the face of a Golden Retriever puppy looking down and sniffing a yellow crocus. His snout is a little bit crinkled and there are dew drops on his black nose.
FLD Dutch smells the first blooming crocus daffodil in our front yard...

A second photo of the Golden Retriever puppy sniffing the same flower, but now the flower is missing a petal! There is some blue flowers in the background.
...and take a little taste! I don't think he likes it.


  1. Actually it's a daffodil. :-) they are very resistant to pests of all kinds (not that Dutch is pest, except from the point of view of a flower if he eats them). Squirrels and chipmunks don't like the bulbs. One of my favorite flowers. The photos are adorable!

    1. hahahahaha! A horticulturist I'm not!