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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Close encounter with Easter bunnies

A few days before Easter, Andy and I took FLD Dutch to our favorite mid-week breakfast place, the New Sunrise Cafe in Lupton, MI.

As we entered, Dutch caught sight of an Easter display in the corner--two stuffed Easter bunnies and a basket of plastic eggs filled with candy.

Awhooooo, whooooo, whooooo! he crooned, pulling to sniff this new wonder. The breakfast club regulars seated in the back of the restaurant giggled.

I made like a tree to wait him out. When he stopped pulling he got a nice treat for dropping into a "sit." Good boy, Dutch!

I let him get close enough to stretch his nose, but then he slapped his big front paw and knocked one bunny out. A few steps back and another "sit" earned him a second treat.

That's enough. Time for Andy and me to eat. Aside from one WOOF! FLD Dutch settled nicely under our table, and later heeled to the restroom with me without the need of a single "leave it."

Before we left, I thought it might be fun to take a photo of Dutch with the bunnies. I was right! Check out the three shots I snapped before finally getting a HAPPY EASTER pose...



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