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Sunday, February 24, 2013

While I was at Leader Dogs...

The chance to meet Leader Dog Scout's new person last Saturday meant that I missed an outing to the Upper Peninsula (UP) organized by my puppy counselor Tammy. Fortunately we were both on the same wavelength--I'm not sure who suggested to who first that Dutch go with her, even if I could not.

So, we had a rendezvous on I-75 as we headed south and Tammy headed north. FLD Dutch jumped into a crate in her car and didn't look back. He accompanied Tammy and her son to the Les Cheneaux Snowsfest in Cedarville, dinner, and a hockey game at Lake Superior State University. Dutch was one of seven Future Leader Dog puppies at the Laker game. He even got to stay in a hotel overnight!

Here's some photos Tammy sent me from FLD Dutch's excursion north. (Thanks Tammy!)

Dutch looks like he's reading the Leader Dogs for the Blind display at Snowsfest.

FLD Dutch poses on a snow pile in Cedarville. He's doing a very nice sit/stay!

Tammy's soft-sided portable crate with Dutch's bed--looks like he just fits.

FLD Dutch looks up like he's thinking, Who are you and why am I here?

FLD Dutch on another sit/stay by the Laker's doors.

Checking out the hockey game. Tammy said he eventually fell asleep and didn't give a hoot about all the noise.

Future Leader Dog puppies and their raisers at the hockey game. Notice how Dutch is watching Tammy's hand. Got a treat for me?

Another sit/stay by some snowmobiles in the hotel parking lot.

Look, it's the Mackinaw Bridge!

Nice job, Dutch!

Is this what a "troll" looks like?

"Trolls" are people who live "under" (south) of the Mackinaw Bridge.

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