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Thursday, February 21, 2013


...back at the "patch," Mr. Peabody is at it again.

A line of white paper towel pieces lead off on a carpeted floor to a door. A man is standing sideways to the camera stepping on the papertowels.
My sweetheart applies sopping pressure as we clean up the dribble-trail to the back door. Thank heavens for Nature's Miracle!

To be fair, FLD Dutch tried to tell me he had to "park." I just missed the cue. When I didn't go with him to the back door, he ran back to the kitchen to get me, but couldn't quite hold it on the way! He spun around and bolted back to the door. I caught a golden blur from the corner of my eye and followed his trail. Got him outside so he could finish the job, but not in time to prevent a mess.

I'm learning.

Dutch goes out every time he wakes up from a nap, no matter how short. Dutch goes out after play-time with Gus. Dutch goes out 10 minutes after drinking. I ask Dutch to "park" before he gets into the van, and after he gets out. And at least every hour when I'm out and about with him.

Sometimes his cues are subtle--a whimper, or merely standing at the x-pen gate which blocks the foyer. Other times he gives a sharp bark. The good thing is, he sleeps through the night without a problem.

The poor little guy just has a small bladder!

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