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Sunday, November 4, 2012


A second email from Leader Dogs for the Blind came with news on FLD Scout...
The dog you raised D#13647 Scout has been in training for 5 weeks and has completed the first phase of training.  The instructor working with Scout has made the following comments about the puppy you raised: 
Scout is doing well at:
1.   takes treats nicely
2. being attentive to handler
3. has picked up curb work
Scout is working on:
1. vocal behavior
2. jumping on the handler when excited
3. scent distractions
4. has exhibited food possessiveness over food towards other dogs
This update lets you know how Scout is doing at this point in training.  Thank you for raising Scout  for our program!  Should you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Puppy Development.  You will also receive another update during the 13th week after Scout has completed their 12th week of training.

Well, it's nice to hear. The things that Scout "is working on" is a bit worrisome to me, but mostly not a big surprise.

Remember my Tuesday's Training TIP: BE QUIET? FLD Scout was the noisiest puppy I ever raised. But she did come around with some "work."  Now that she's off to Leader Dogs, where her life might be more of a challenge, I'm not surprised that she's letting them know SCOUT IS HERE.

Hmmmmm. This was a thing she started not long before she left for her formal training at Leader Dogs. We did our best to ignore this attention-getting behavior.

I don't know how many times I thought, "Scout could be a search and rescue dog" when she stuck her nose into the air to catch a scent. Sometimes I wondered if she was part bloodhound her nose was so busy!

I didn't see this problem with Scout and food (check out my post about Labrador vultures).  But she was always quick to steal another dog's toy--except for the old girl, Gypsy. I never felt like she was aggressive about darting in to take a Nylabone away from Gus, or cc'd Rosie, just very, very fast.

Keep up the good work my little Scout. And mind your P's and Q's!

Here sits a very well-behaved FLD Scout in a one-room school house at the Ogemaw County Fair last July. Natalie and Sofia sit too.


  1. Ha ha, it's always interesting to see what the trainers find out that we might not have seen at home. I recently worried that our Titus had hearing issues. I was so concerned I took him to see his vet. Turns out that Titus has listening issues that have nothing to do with his hearing. Hmm, okay, guess I need to work on that. LOL Good luck to Scout!

    1. Hey GirlRural! That's funny about Titus' selective hearing. I have that same issue with my old dog, Gypsy. Thanks for stopping by and wishing Scout luck!