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Monday, September 17, 2012


Yesterday, Scout came with me on assignment for the last time. She was a big hit at the Ride for Gold, a Harley ride to benefit the Special Olympics.

FLD Scout sits while the riders get instructions. She got a bit nervous when a little boy in a big, blue motorcycle helmet ran over to pet her. I don't think she liked the giant mohawk that topped his helmet. He didn't really understand, but his mom coaxed him away and all was fine. FLD Scout was not nervous when the H.O.G.s fired up their machines and roared away.

This Special Olympian gets a nice greeting from FLD Scout.

TOMORROW, FLD Scout returns to Leader Dogs for the Blind to begin her formal guide-dog training.


dogspeed, Scout!


  1. Aww... Best of luck to Scout in formal training!

  2. Thanks, L^2! We've got our paws crossed. :)

  3. Will be thinking about you both and sending see beautiful thoughts your way!

  4. Blessings on you Scout. Make your mama proud!