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Thursday, September 13, 2012

FLD Scout sends a letter

Dear Leader Dogs for the Blind,

My raiser has neglected to send you this dollar bill for many months. I think it’s about time she passed it along, especially since I’ll be coming on campus soon for my “real” education. I want to be sure that you have enough money to buy me food and other stuff like Nylabones. How much food do you think a dollar can buy?

This is what happened when my raiser and I were visiting the city. The city is not at all like where we usually live. In the city there are lots of cars and noisy trucks everywhere, it’s not very dark at night, and it sure smells different. Where are the woods?

Anyway, my raiser and her guy took me with them to one of those places that have really good stuff to smell. I really like sniffing around under the tables and licking the corners while they eat. Sometimes my raiser gives me treats if I lay nice.

If I don’t graduate, do you think I could get a job cleaning floors in restaurants?

So, after teasing me with all those smells, my raiser took me for a walk down a busy road. I didn’t know why we didn’t get back into the van with her guy. It was raining a little bit, but I didn’t mind. I guess my raiser didn’t mind either.

We passed by this scary man in a hooded sweatshirt. He had a big shovel and was scraping it on the sidewalk. I guess he didn’t like the mud that was there. I barked at him once just to let him know he should put his shovel away. Guess what? He dropped it! That worked pretty good. But my raiser made me sit while she talked with him. I forgot all about the shovel.

We crossed the busy street after my raiser made me sit down until the light changed. The rain stopped and it was foggy but we made it safely across. Is this something I’ll be practicing at school? My raiser seemed to think it was very important.

Well, we came up to this great big building and I thought we were going to go inside because my raiser took my jacket off and told me to “park.” But after I parked she put the jacket back on and instead of going inside those crazy doors that slide open, she sat down on a little bench that was by the door and made me settle in front of her. Luckily there wasn’t a puddle there.

So, this guys walks by and my raiser, she says hello to everyone! He nodded and went inside. Then he came right back out and talked to my raiser. He asked her if she was collecting donations. She said no, she was just waiting for someone. But then she must have had second thoughts because she said that she could take a donation if he wanted to give her one.

That’s where this dollar came from! That nice man gave my raiser a dollar for Leader Dogs for the Blind. I’m sure my raiser didn’t mean to keep it for herself. So here it is. I hope you can put it to good use!

Regards, your soon-to-be trainee and FUTURE LEADER DOG Scout

p.s. Here is a picture of me enjoying the country up north!

FLD Scout chews a stick while resting in the Rifle River Recreation Area.

*This letter (with a one dollar bill) is en route to Leader Dogs for the Blind. I hope it reaches them before FLD Scout does when she returns on Tuesday, September 18!


  1. Jo here. Can't believe Scout is already headed back. Time just FLIES!!!

  2. Jo--I know! I've had Scout longer than my other puppies. Will sure miss this sweetie-pie. Our paws will be crossed for her...

  3. Oh, I hoped I'd get to see Scout one more time. She's such a sweet girl ... and a natural fundraiser. Do well, Scout. Go far!

    1. Thanks Suzanne! Scout is sweet. I took her with my friend and her LD "mom" to a fundraising luncheon recently and we raised over $600 for LD! I guess you are right that she a natural. :)

  4. A-w-w-w. I hoped to see her at least once more before she went back. What a lovely lady. Obviously an excellent ambassador for Leader Dogs and a natural-born fundraiser. Do well, Scout. Go far!