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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Duckies and Baby and Bear, Oh My!

April 14, 2012
Andy and FLD Scout come with me
to the Spring Art & Wine Walk in downtown West Branch.
I'm on assignment for the Ogemaw County Voice to shoot photos.

Andy hangs with FLD Scout while I compose my shot. Can you see her tail just behind the bear?

We walk from business to business, tasting wine and hors d'oeuvres, perusing art. The gigantic metal polar bear standing guard in front of Morse Clark Furniture interests FLD Scout about as much as her bi-monthly nail-cutting. (Unlike other Labs I know, Scout could care less about getting her nails done. I rather think she enjoys the attention!)
In the offices of the Herald (our competitor paper), FLD Scout is interested in (but not afraid of) baby ducks that peep and scurry to the corner of a heated wooden pen. The box is lined with pages from their paper, not ours.

We stroll through crowds and stores with breakable nick-nacks. Andy holds a relaxed FLD Scout while I click away.

It is later, when the family of the happiest-baby-girl-in-pink stops us with questions about FLD Scout, that Scout reveals some trepidation. "She just loves dogs," they say. I seize the opportunity and bring a not-so-sure Scout near. With my ever-present bag of treats, I reward Scout for daring to get close enough for a sniff.

She is the same age as FLD Scout--9-months.

The baby wiggles a reach and Scout allows her to pat her snout. Scout wags her tail and the wag, as usual, ripples its way to her nose, which bumps against the baby's open palm. The baby giggles with her whole body like she is being filmed for Funniest Home Videos. That's enough for Scout--she backs away, but not too far.


The giggling baby causes FLD Scout to reassess the situation.

...still more later...

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