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Thursday, July 28, 2011

FLD Gus Goes to the Iosco County Fair

Andy said, "Let's go get second breakfast."

Today was "Agriculture Day" at the Iosco County Fair over in nearby Hale.  That meant a free breakfast between 9:30 and 10:30 am.  We'd been up for hours; 2nd breakfast sounded like a great idea.

As we stood in line for sausage links, scrambled eggs, pancakes, and coffee, FLD Gus thought it was a good idea, too.  (He definitely needs more work on the LEAVE IT command whenever dropped eggs are involved!)

Ground smells through the fair were almost more than FLD Gus could endure--I doubt a three-mile hike would have taken the edge off.  We worked hard to divert his nose attention using name recognition, sits, downs, stays, and posing for a picture on a tractor!

"Farmer" Gus wants to take a ride on a tractor.

In the exhibition buildings, FLD Gus was a calm and wonderful ambassador for Leader Dogs for the Blind.  I was particularly impressed with one 4-H entry--a mock up of a cow's stomach, complete with windows into each part showing the contents.

A 4-H display of a cow's stomach.


FLD Gus stretches to sniff a huge black cow under the 2011 Iosco Fair sign.

In the Poultry Barn, we find this sign:  "EAT MOR RABBIT!"  (Guess those roosters don't know how to spell.)

In the Rabbit Barn, FLD Gus looks back as if he's thinking, Really?  I'm supposed to eat more rabbit?

The girl in the cow costume startles FLD Gus, but he warms up to her (after a few morsels of dog chow).

Baby goats in the Sheep Barn share FLD Gus's shyness, but curiosity wins.

"Got Milk?"  FLD Gus is nose to nose with this sheep.

The petting pen outside the barns was a HUGE distraction to FLD Gus at first.  I had to take a wide berth around to keep him on task.  However, after he sniffed his way through the animal barns, FLD Gus did not pull and approached the pen with caution.

FLD Gus sniffs a goat in the petting pen.

Gus!  Are you eating straw???

A lamb and a pony gaze out at FLD Gus in wonder.

All in all, a very enjoyable morning.  And fantastic distraction work for FLD Gus!

A very tired FLD Gus in the back of the van on the drive home.  Yippee!


  1. LOL That is awesome! That is hard work for both of you.
    Both Glacier and Jetta have been to State and county fairs and that is always an interesting trip. LOL
    Yay, Gus.

  2. Thanks--Gus was pretty laid back the rest of the day. Next month is our Ogemaw County Fair and I'll be interested to see if he accepts things easier! Glad to know I'm exposing him to something that he's liable to do when he's a working Leader Dog. :)