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Friday, July 29, 2011

FLD Gus and Gizmo

I open the weathered door of Mary's Salon and Gizmo greets us before we even get inside.  FLD Gus stretches to touch noses with the mop-top Shih Tzu.  It's a standoff.

Can I get a haircut today?  I ask as Gizmo finally backs to let us enter.  The last time we were here, Gizmo wasn't too excited about a big, strange dog in his business--after Gus and I were situated, Gizmo went under Mary-the-owner's desk and promptly relieved himself.  (See my post "FLD Gus in the Beauty Salon" for the whole story.) 

Today, Gizmo wants to play and FLD Gus is all for that.

I'll hook his leash to my chair, I say while Mary leashes Gizmo to the hair-drying chair out of nose-reach across the room.  FLD Gus settles right away, although he keeps a keen interest on Gizmo.  Our three-mile walk this morning pays off!

Meanwhile, Gizmo plops down looking even more like a mop and rests his chin on the floor between his front paws.  He whines.  And whines again.  And keeps on whining.  "Oh wow is me," he seems to lament.  Mary says, "He's not used to being tied up, but he'll live." 

Suddenly, a bass-voice whine echoes from Gus.  He sits up and raises his snout to the sky with a deep WOO--WOO--WOOOOF!

Gus!  Quiet!  He glances at me but now he's standing, tail wagging as if it can help him bridge the gap to Gizmo.  Gus.  DOWN.  With slight downward pressure on his leash he lies down, ready for action.

Hey, I say to the gal trying to cut my hair through all of this, you have a spray bottle don't you?  (Silly question, given she's just wet my head with it.)  Mary, busy giving a perm to another customer says, "Here, give her mine."

FLD Gus takes notice of the bottle being passed to me, and even though I've NEVER sprayed him before, he seems to understand that it means no good news for him.  He rolls his butt onto his side and proceeds to sniff the reddish hair clippings left on the floor from the previous client.  He licks one lock up and immediately spits it out.

Good leave it, Gus!  I say.  He sighs and drops his chin to the floor in much the same position as Gizmo, who is now silent.

Andy's timing is impeccable.  He pulls up from running his errand just as FLD Gus and I exit the salon.  "You look nice," he says as we get into the van.  Thanks, I say and laugh when he backtracks, "Well, you look nice all the time..."

He laughs when I tell him the story of Gus and Gizmo.


  1. LOL I guess Gus thinks spray bottles are not his thing. :) Smart guy.
    Oh, and happy birthday to Gus. *hug*

  2. I guess not! (And a hug back to you!)