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Friday, May 20, 2011

Too Smart?

When your puppy learns by watching, it pays to think ahead.

"Forest" Gus would love to hang out with me while I plant 100 White Pine seedlings, 10 Red Osier Dogwood trees, and five Rosa Rugosa (a wild rose bush).  Gotta love the Oscoda County Conservation District Spring Tree Sale!


I'm sure that after watching me dig only a few holes....LIGHT BULB blast above his head!

"I have big paws, I can help!"

We don't need uncontrolled hole digging.

"Forest" Gus gets crated.

"Forest" Gus helps me clear a trail.


  1. LOL What a smart, helpful guy. They are going to have to make sure his blind handler is smarter than him or he/she might be in trouble. :)

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  3. Guess the comments and posts are finally getting restored by Blogger. Thanks for commenting, Jess! Give that Glacier a scratch from us.