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Friday, May 6, 2011

PUPPY REPORT--FLD Gus in the City

We are back in the "patch" today after a busy four days down in the city.  Spring in our woods seems to be about a month behind here, but FLD Gus doesn't care.  He's happy to be home.

Well, I take that back.  FLD Gus is happy no matter where he is; Gypsy, on the other hand, IS very happy to be back in her glorious stick-land.


  • Drive to the city.
  • Crate training while I had dinner with my parents (Andy had out-of-town business).  Ninety-percent of the time during any given day, Gus is NOT in his crate (he sleeps there at night), so when I need to leave him safe, I like to think of his time in the crate as "training."  When he returns to Leader Dogs for his advanced training, he must be comfortable spending some time alone.  (By the way, Mom is doing extremely well only nine weeks after hip-replacement surgery--no cane, no pain!)
  • Mud-fest at Natalie's soccer game.
Nat at half-time.
FLD Gus, lying patiently in the muddy grass on the sidelines.

  • Morning shopping at Sam's Club.
  • Crate training, again while I visited Mom (we played cards--she misses me!).
  • Self-control training while heeling outside cc'd Rosie's house before the girls got home from school.
  • Lab-wrestling with Rosie.
  • Puppy-class at Leader Dogs for the Blind.  FLD Gus weighed in at 59 pounds; congrats Sofia, for correctly guessing his weight!
  • "Portable-crate training" back at the girls' house, i.e.: no Lab-wrestling with Rosie; Gus waited for me in the truck.

  • Morning two-mile walk in the old neighborhood, practice with dog and traffic distractions.
  • Crate training, this time while I helped Mom with some spring cleaning (I miss her, too!).
  • Afternoon one-mile walk in the old neighborhood with Andy and Gypsy, more distraction training.
  • Crate training when Andy and I enjoyed a great home-cooked meal (meatloaf) and cards with my folks.

  • Restaurant training while Andy and I met a friend for breakfast.  FLD Gus is GREAT at this!
  • More shopping, this time at the commissary at Selfridge ANG Base.
  • Self-control training at a friend's house--she has birds!
  • Drive home.
Ceasar, Tony Baloney, and Sammi Salami.

Now, after a couple of hours helping Andy and I haul wood for next winter, FLD Gus is snoozing at my feet.

A tired puppy is a good puppy!


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