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Friday, May 20, 2011

Puppy Update: FLD Gus

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Leader Dogs for the Blind, puppy-class weigh-in:
FLD Gus -- 61 pounds!


  • FLD Gus knows "mat" pretty well; goes to it on command at least 80% of the time (especially at home, 100% of the time before mealtimes).
  • By going to the mat in class, FLD Gus demonstrates that he is starting to "generalize" with this command. (Go to my Definitions page for more on "generalization.")

  • FLD Gus did not "stay" on the mat in class the first time Sam knocked on the door.  I put him back, then he stayed the second time.

  • FLD Gus peed on the scale before class--second class in a row (in spite of a prolonged "park" prior to class).
  • FLD Gus peed in class while walking during loose-leash heeling--second class in a row.

Gotta just love these adolescent, "intact" male Labs!


  1. LOL Awwww. Maybe after he has a visit to the vet's office his little peeing problem will be fixed.

  2. I wish that was the issue, well, I don't wish Gus was in need of medical help, but his "peeing" in class has more to do with his adolescence and asserting his presence. This is the only place he does this--guess all the dog smells in the training room at Leader Dogs is too much to resist adding a few of his own!