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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Energizer Puppy

You know a friendship is special when someone with severe dog allergies comes to visit our house. It is not too difficult to keep the old dog away. Gypy's next-to-favorite thing lately is taking a nap.

But a puppy? That is a whole different thing. Last weekend presented opportunities for FLD Scout to work on self-control and people distractions. My secret strategy was simple. A tired puppy is a good puppy.

In the morning, I told our guests, Come on, let us show you our woods. (The puppy went too.)

In the afternoon, I said, Have you ever seen the Au Sable River? (The puppy went too.)

The Au Sable River from the lookout at Iargo Springs.

If you've never seen the magnificent Au Sable River in northeastern Michigan, it is worth a trip. High bank overlooks present a panoramic view; hundreds of wooden steps lead the strong of heart to water's edge.

Iargo Springs.

Here, at Iargo Springs, FLD Scout got her first taste of the open stairs down to the river. Multiple landings meant we stopped to SIT frequently as we re-gathered attention to the task at hand. By the time we were two-thirds of the way BACK UP, Scout was stepping like a well-seasoned trooper.
FLD Scout, still full of energy, at river-level at Iargo Springs.
Andy and our friends, Pete and Nancy, tackle the stairs UP from Iargo Springs.

I smiled to myself later when our non-dog-person guest remarked, "Boy, puppies have SO much energy!"

FLD Scout, looking a little bit "pooped out" after climbing all the stairs.


  1. It's so true-a tired dog is a good dog. Sounds like Scout had a great weekend. :)

  2. I sometimes feel like a broken-record about "tired puppies!" And yes, we had a very nice weekend with long-time friends. Beautiful fall weather, too.