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Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Walk through the Neighborhood

Seven am.  Dew droplets bead up on FLD Mike's black-lab nose as he scours the ground for scent during  his morning constitutional.  Did a rabbit hop here?  It's not yet the end of May, yet summer seems thrust upon us.  The morning air is cool against my night face, damp from too many covers on the bed.

One hour later, flags hang limp against warming aluminum poles.  We are out early for our walk; only one block into it I decide to shorten our two-mile route to one.  My gray cotton t-shirt is already clamming against my back.  

It's too hot for the rabbits.  We see two squirrels circle haphazardly around an old tree.  

Dogs in pairs behind their fences bay at us as we pass.  FLD Mike croons his head left to scrutinize, but I keep him on task.  


Now a pair across the street announce our passing.

FLD Mike glances down in front of me and I follow his gaze...there's a bug, scurrying across leaving a long shadow because the sun is still not high.  We cross the parking lot to our townhouse and I hear the buzz of air conditioners like worker drones beating their wings in the hive to keep the queen cool.

We're going inside.  It's going to be hot today.

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