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Thursday, September 17, 2015

5th week update on Henry

This is an email we puppy raisers love to get:

September 17, 2015

Dear Puppy Raiser,

We wanted to let you know that Henry, #16112, has been in training for 5 weeks and has completed the first phase of training.  The instructor working with Henry has made the following comments about the puppy you raised.

Some of the things that Henry is doing well at are:

1.       Engaged with the handler and training

2.       Learning early stages of guide work well

3.       Obedience

Some of the things that the trainer is working on with Henry are:

1.       Minimizing his distraction level for blowing objects (ex. leaves)

2.       Heeling

3.       Minimizing  his distraction level for dogs

Along with this update which lets you know how Henry is doing at this point in training we have attached a photo of Henry in harness.  Thank you for raising Henry for our program!  Should you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact Puppy Development.  You will also receive another update during the 13th week after Henry has completed their 12th week of training.

A side shot of a yellow lab/golden mix dog walking toward the left wearing a Leader Dog guide harness, with a handler holding it with his or her left hand. The handler is only visible from the waist down. The pair are walking on a sidewalk with a chain link fence and grass in the background.
Henry in harness!

The yellow lab/golden mix dog is sitting down with the Leader Dog guide harness on, with the handler standing behind holding a leash. The dog's body is facing left, but the dog is looking at the camera with a smile. The dog is sitting on grass with a chain link fence behind. The handler's legs are the only part visible.
Oh, Henry, please leave those leaves alone!

None of these things are a surprise to me (ack, we worked so hard on ignoring blowing leaves!), but I am particularly pleased that Henry is "engaged" with learning! And he looks happy...

Keep it up boy - you make me proud!

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  1. FLD Henry............I know this lady named Patti that would take you in a heartbeat if you just can't handle those blowing leaves and are too curious about the other dogs around!