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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


To break the time up during a long drive to Baraga in the U.P., FLD Henry and I stop at the Cut River Bridge. It turned out to be a good opportunity to practice stairs.

A shot from the top of a long staircase going down through the woods to the edge of Lake Michigan. The stairs have wooden railings and landings, but the steps are open metal grates. There are two tree trunks on the left side, trees on both sides, in the distance beyond the stairs the trees are bright yellow, and one has lost it's leaves. The blue water is just visible beyond the trees.
A LONG staircase down to Lake Michigan. While the landings are wood, the stairs are open metal grates.

This shot is looking back up the wooden staircase. A small yellow lab/golden mix puppy is standing at the top of a flight looking at the camera. His leash is tied onto the railing.
FLD Henry hasn't seen stairs like these!

Taken from above looking straight down on the puppy walking down the grated stairs. The puppy has his front paws on one step and his back paws on the step behind him. He is looking up at the camera. His brown leash is loose.
"I got this!"

A scenic shot of a small rushing river with a leaf-covered trail on the right side. Colorful trees line the far side of the river and trees already bear lean over from the right. In the distance with a blue sky behind it, is the green trusses of the Cut River Bridge, high above the river.
The river-view of the Cut River Bridge.

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