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Thursday, September 4, 2014

1st day of school

Hanging out at the Rose City Elementary School on the first morning after Labor Day is a fun way to give FLD Henry some "kid" exposure. Many of the kids remember me from when I brought FLDs Scout and Dutch to their classrooms. They are happy to meet my new puppy, and gracious about asking to pet him even when I tell them, Sorry, not today!

Two students ask me to take their picture with FLD Henry. I happily oblige.

A low, close shot of a small yellow golden retriever/lab mix puppy wearing a blue Future Leader Dog bandana. The puppy is sitting in the grass looking at the camera and it looks like he is winking with his left eye. Behind him to the right is a young boy kneeling on one knee and wearing a backpack. The boy's face is cut off, you can just see his chin and mouth. In the background is a red brick wall and two women standing on the far right looking to the right.
FLD Henry winks at the camera as I take a quick photo of him with a new fifth-grader.

The school changed the bus drop-off to the other end of the parking lot, so FLD Henry and I walk over to see the kids disembark. A teacher standing nearby exclaims to the students, "Oh, look! She's got a new puppy!" The kids are all very good about waving "hi" and enter the school without engaging Henry.

One of the bus drivers steps down and spots us. "Oh puppy!" she squeals as she approaches, bending over as if she is going to scoop Henry up in her arms. Henry, I say. The little guy whips his head to me. With a quick YES I mark his attentive behavior. As I reach down to give it to him I ask the woman not to pet him.

She admonishes, "I've raised 12 of them, I know what's what!" She continues to coo at Henry from a foot or so away, leaning over with her hands on her knees. If she knows "what's what" I wonder why she is still carrying on.

Henry forgets about me and gets up from his sit. I call his name again but his leash tightens as he strains to greet her. I wait. He sits back down and looks back at me. YES I say again. He gets another treat. Now he's mine again.

"He is really focused on you," the woman says. "That's very good!"
A small yellow golden retriever/lab mix puppy is sitting down in front of a large yellow school bus. His leash is attached to the bus's mirror strut. The puppy is looking at the camera and wearing the blue Future Leader Dog bandana. He is sitting lite a puppy with his back legs all askew.
With the distracting bus driver gone, FLD Henry sits nicely for a photo.

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