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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Puppy update - Dutch is in Phase IV!

I received this email yesterday from Leader Dogs for the Blind.

Dear Puppy Raiser,

The dog you raised Dutch, D-14157, has been in training for 13 weeks and has completed the third of four phases of training.  The instructor working with Dutch has made the following comments:
Some of the things that Dutch is doing well at are:
1.       Obstacle avoidance

2.       Straight line travel

Some of the things that the instructor is working on with Dutch are:
1.       Obedience

2.       Positioning next to the trainer

3.       Turns

This update lets you know how Dutch is doing at this point in training.  Thank you for raising Dutch for our program!  Should you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Puppy Development.  You will receive another update once this special dog completes training and is placed with a client.  The journey is almost complete!

Puppy Development
Leader Dogs for the Blind

Way to go Dutch! Our paws are still crossed for you!

A golden retriever is sitting on a landing at the top of a flight of woodedn stairs. He is looking up at the camera and he is wearing a blue vest. The stairs have yellow strips on the risers and there are wooden guard rails on each side.
FLD Dutch is ALMOST to the top!


  1. Atta boy Dutch! Patti, your nerves must be frayed by now! So exciting!!!!

    1. I try not to think about it, Kim!

  2. I missed this post. Congratulations. So exciting! Keeping our paws crossed here too.