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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Puppy Update! Dutch heads for Phase II

Dutch's 5th week update arrived at last, if a bit over-due...
The dog you raised, D#14157  Dutch, has been in training for over 5 weeks and has completed the first phase of training.  The instructor working with Dutch has made the following comments about the puppy you raised:
Some of the things that Dutch is doing well at are:
1. stairs
2. proper behavior on the training truck
3. name recognition
Some of the things that the trainer is working on with Dutch are:
1. obedience
2. elevator work
3. getting accustomed to the harness
This update lets you know how Dutch is doing at this point in training.  Thank you for raising Dutch  for our program!  Should you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Puppy Development.  You will also receive another update during the 13th week after Dutch has completed their 12th week of training.
Puppy Development
Leader Dogs for the Blind


No photos with this report. But here are two of Dutch taken one year apart...

A ground-level photo of a small and fuzzy golden retriver puppy. He has his nose in the snow facing the camera. In the background, out of focus, is our wood shed filled with wood.
FLD Dutch snuffs his nose into an early snowfall, November, 2012.

The same golden retriever, taken one year later so he is now grown. He is facing the camera with his nose to the ground. There is just a dusting of snow. Behind to the right, out of focus, is a leave-less tree.
FLD Dutch, one year later, still trying to snuff up a dusting of snow!


  1. Good job Dutch! I loved getting my "in training" updates. Each one felt like a small victory and I won't lie... there were fist pumps!

    1. Fist pumps! Alright! Thanks for checking in Girl Rural!

  2. So very cool!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. And thanks for stopping by, Becky! Have you seen my new blog about the Michigan prison puppy-raising program? Check out
      A win for everyone!