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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

FLD Dutch attended a gourmet wine dinner at the Rose Valley Winery Saturday night. 

An eight-month-old golden retriever is lying down in the center of the photo looking at the camera. He is wearing a light blue training vest from Leader Dogs for the Blind. Behind him is a table with a black table cloth to the ground. A woman is seated on a while folding chair to his left and a man to his right, who is holding his leash.
FLD Dutch relaxes on his mat at the dinner under the big tent.

He might have been thinking it would be nice if his father, Alphie, could see him now.  What a big boy he has grown to be!

Wishing Leader Dog Dad Alphie
a very happy Father's Day!


  1. Patti, did you see this news?