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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The 8th ADBC--Marchin' to Your Own Drum

This is my post for the 8th Assistance Dog Blog Carnival, hosted by Brooke over at ruled by paws. Brooke creatively selected the topic "Marchin' to Your Own Drum." I decided to take her literally. Here's a poem about my Future Leader Dog "Scout" and our wonderful morning routine.

furry twister

when the sun peaks
around my blind in the morning,
a muttered whine drifts in
from the other room, my future
leader dog puppy Scout is ready
to bring on the day

my sweetie, like a gallant knight, arises
to grant me a few moments more
in bed

he dresses,
goes into the other room and clips open her crate

Scout sits, exhibiting
some semblance of self-control

he releases her
with a snap of her collar
I hear the tingle of her tag
and a rhythmic pat-a-pat-pat of her pads
as she waggles around to my side of the bed

with a castanet clap of her teeth
her tail drums
Good Morning! against my Teak wood dresser
the beat, beat, beat travels through her feet
and spirals out her bobble-head
a dancing furry twister

she can barely get a lick in

I doubt that anyone
could carry a crabby through the day
with a wake up like this

FLD Scout, my morning wake-up call!

For  more information about the ADBC, visit Sharon Waschler's blog post About the ADBC. Spread the word, participate, read and enjoy!


  1. Hi Patti.

    I always enjoy your contributions to the Carnival. I do believe this is the first non-prose ADBC post! Thank you so much for posting this fun poem.

    My favorite lines:
    the beat, beat, beat travels through her feet
    and spirals out her bobble-head

    Totally see her bobble head! The best antidepressant for me is when Barnum rolls onto his back with his feet in the air for a belly rub. It's just impossible to be sad, angry, anxious, or anything other than delighted with these guys sometimes, isn't it?

  2. Hey Sharon! Thanks so much for your "positive" reinforcement. I'm glad you've enjoyed my posts. The Carnival has been a challenge for me...only sorry that my turn at the wheel didn't drive many contributors. Ah well...

    Yes, these pups are certainly an antidepressant! They have much to teach us. Take care and thanks for stopping by to comment!