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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ADBC--it cometh again!

The 8th Assistance Dog Blog Carnival (ADBC) has just been announced by Brooke, at her blog "ruled by paws".  (For background information about the ADBC, and links to past issues, visit this link: About the ADBC.)

Brooke works with a guide dog and her blog is about her adventures with all of her pups. She is hosting this edition of the ADBC and her choice of topic is...drum roll please...

"Marchin' to Your Own Drum"

Brooke listed some examples on her post to help us get started. Here they are!
  • Does your assistance dog fit the traditional mold? (does he or she have any special quirks or behaviors?)
  • Does your dog do things differently from past partners (or the partners of friends)?
  • Why did you choose to go with a program dog after your owner-trained one retired? (or vice versa)
  • Why did you choose a non-traditional breed for your partner?
  • Did you have to overcome any sort of resistance from family, friends or employers when deciding to partner with an assistance dog?
  • Have you witnessed any unique or special assistance dogs in action? (what made them stand out?)
  • Did you have preconceived notions of what an assistance dog should look like, only to have them changed by witnessing one in action or reading about one?

As a puppy-raiser, and not an assistance-dog handler, I might add a few more ideas:
  • If you've raised multiple puppies, how have they been different?
  • Are there "required" techniques that you struggle with? (For example, loose-leash walking.)
  • Have you ever experienced a conflict for your decision to raise puppies (either within yourself, family members, or at work?) How did you handle it?

Visit Brooke's post (ADBC Call for Submissions) to submit your entry to the Carnival. You will need to comment on her post with the name of your blog, your name, the name of your post, and a URL to your post. Deadline is "7:47 pm" on July 29, 2012. Brooke will compile and "publish" the 8th edition on July 31st.

Thank you Brooke, for hosting!

Stay tuned for my entry!


  1. Thanks Patti :)

    I look forward to reading your post :)

  2. You are welcome, Brooke! I'd better get writing...

  3. I can't weigh in on any of these topics, but I can say thank you and I have so much respect for the important work all of you are doing. You create so much more beautiful in the world.

    Happy seeing beautiful!

    1. Thank YOU Lydia, for spreading the beautiful!