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Monday, January 9, 2012

FLD Puppy Walk

Maybe it wasn't winter because FLD Scout and I were with Phyllis and FLD "Autumn."

Temperature 50, indigo skies, and sunshine so bright that puddles we sloshed through at the street light crossing were stepped over on our return.

FLD Scout and I had lunch with our new friends Friday and took advantage of the spring-like weather to walk around town. Of course, we worked on Obedience Commands and tolerating traffic, too.

Come along...

FLD Scout "sits" in her prettiest pose before heading in for lunch.

Phyllis and FLD Autumn inside the Faull Inn. (Just a hint, order the "dry" batter fish and chips--much chrunchier!)

FLD Autumn peers around our table. She was very interested in playing with FLD Scout.

"Come on, can't we just play a little?" she seems to beg. FLD Scout stretches a sniff in interest, but does a fine job with self-control...

...even when FLD Autumn pulls to get closer. (See how Scout's head comes up and back?) Very good girl, Scout!

OH MAN! I never get what I want!

After lunch we sit in the sun awhile to get used to the truck traffic roaring by on M-33.

There goes one now! FLD Autumn watches, but isn't bothered at all.

I am glad that FLD Scout is past her puppy-picks-up-EVERYTHING phase. Phyllis wasn't sure what she swept out of FLD Autumn's mouth and flung away, but we do know it was red!

At the traffic light (the only one in town) we practice one of Leader Dogs for the Blind's new "In-for-Training" standards. Our Future Leader Dog puppies must be confident near heavy traffic and must sit or stand calmly through one cycle of a traffic light. Both puppies did fine.

Phyllis takes us down a quiet neighborhood sidewalk. Here FLD Autumn is heeling nicely on a loose leash, even if her wet little nose is sniffing away.

I did not know that Rose City has a Community Garden. (Watch for a future story in the Ogemaw Voice.) The garden is fenced in and dormant--a perfect opportunity to let the puppies run off some steam. Wait a minute, maybe we should have done this BEFORE we went to the Faull Inn!

FLD Autumn isn't as amused as we are with her bandana babushka!

Doesn't she have the most expressive face?

A pooped-out pup! Mission accomplished.


  1. Love that bandana babushka LOL! Great pics. Being puppyless is not fun :-(

  2. Thanks! (Leader Dogs is always looking for puppy-raisers...hint, hint.)